If you can’t get out of Tokyo because of the current COVID-19 situation this food festival offered up by Kirino Private Room Seiro is the perfect getaway without actually leaving the capital.

Kirino Private Room Seiro is offering up the chance to experience the Tohoku region through a range of dishes on their special summer menu event fair. The venue offers Japanese style dining with a special focus on dishes originating in Tohoku. With motifs inspired by the Aomori Nebuta Festival, Akita Kanto Festival and the Sendai Tanabata Festival, the restaurant provides a bright and lively atmosphere.

Designed specifically with the people who can’t escape Tokyo at the moment because of COVID-19 in mind, this food fair will take you on a trip to Tohoku with its refreshing menu to help you forget the hot summer of the city.
The main dish on the menu is Tohoku region’s famous Wanko Soba, where consumers compete to see how many bowls they can swiftly scoff down within a set time limit. This unique and fast-paced experience is both incredibly fun and also filling. As you can normally only take part in Wanko Soba challenges within Tohoku, don’t miss this rare chance to test yourself without leaving Tokyo.

Wanko Soba Challenge

See how many bowls of soba you can wolf down in a time limit of 10 minutes. Whilst the Wanko Soba challenges in Tohoku normally feature a member of staff quickly refilling your bowl, this experience in Tokyo differs as partakers can refill the bowl themselves. This makes the normally intimidating atmosphere of the challenge much more relaxed.

There is the chance to win an award depending on the number of dishes you can consume within the time limit:

30 bowls – 1 drink service for all group members
50 cups – 1 Assorted Sashimi bowl for the table
75 cups – 1 bottle service (Shochu or Whiskey)
100 cups – Special prize kept secret until awarded

Price: 1,000 yen per person (excluding tax)
Time Limit: 10 minutes

In addition to the Wanko Soba challenge offered by Kirino Private Room Seiro, you can also try out other specialty dishes from the Northeastern coast of Honshu with the Sanriku Umaimon Fair menu. This special menu features carefully selected seafood ingredients from the Sanriku area such as abalone, sea urchin, salmon roe and lotus leaves.

Sanriku Sashimi Assortment

Featuring four different types of sashimi and displayed on a Lotus Leaf, this dish is inspired by regional specialities from Izunuma, Miyagi Prefecture.

Price: 580 yen

Sanriku Treasure Bowl

Mekabu seaweed is added to this seafood dish featuring speciality abalone and salmon roe caught in the Sanriku area. Accompanied by rice, the Sanriku Treasure Bowl is perfect for filling up empty stomachs.

Price: 1,280 yen

Sanriku Seafood Miso

This miso dish inspired by food from Aomori Prefecture is packed to the brim with scallops, sea urchins and sea bream. Served up on a large scallop shell, munching on this dish feels like you’re digging into a luxurious gem of a treat.

Price: 980 yen

For those on a strict schedule with not even time for Wanko Soba, you can take out these wappameshi dishes from the Tohoku region. Wappa dishes are a local speciality from the Tohoku region with rice and steamed toppings packed into a bowl made of thinly shaved wooden sheets.

Wappameshi Menu

Salmon Ikura – 1,180 yen
Eel Tamago Don – 1,280 yen
Simmered Pork – 980 yen
Gomoku (five ingredients) wappameshi – 980 yen
Beef tongue meshi – 1,280 yen
Grilled mackerel – 1,080 yen
Wagyu burdock rice – 1,080 yen
Three ingredient Treasure Rice – 1,380 yen
Teriyaki chicken – 980 yen

By - Connie Sceaphierde.