Sailor Moon fans in Japan are spoilt when it comes to cosmetics inspired by characters and motifs from the legendary magical girl series. We’ve seen Sailor Moon lipsticks, Sailor Moon perfume, and even Sailor Moon cuticle oil, all in beautiful packaging which work just as well as ornaments as they do beauty products.

But this new compact powder is a bit more special. The limited edition item is modelled on Usagi's Crystal Star Compact, the second magical item she acquires to turn into a stronger form of the original Sailor Moon.

The previously released makeup based on the Crystal Star Compact were more closely based on the original, meaning they were colourful and girly, but this new iteration is much more mature, and could suit fans of any age.

The star design in the middle of the case is set with cubic zirconia, and the colourful stones shine just like the famous Sailor Moon transformation scene. The whole case is silver plated with a dazzling holographic section peeking through the gaps.

With such a luxurious, limited edition design comes somewhat of a hefty price tag. This sparkly addition to your makeup bag will set you back 15,000 yen (about $140).

The pressed powder supplied is the Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder, so not only will your make up accessories be on point, but your skin will look as flawless as a magical girl’s. The powder also has a pretty and delicate design impressed on it, inspired by motifs from the series.

The powder has a subtle pink colouring for a natural-looking flush, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s even lightly scented with rose, so every time you touch up your make up you will be awash in a feminine aroma.

The item is currently available for preorder on the Japanese Premium Bandai site, and will be shipped out towards the end of the year.

By - Jess.