It’s been a good year for Pokemon merchandise collectors in Japan (or a bad one from the perspective of their bank accounts) since all manner of awesome Pokemon goods have been released. This includes various threads, cosmetics and even camping equipment.

An ever popular way to enjoy the various beloved creatures Pokemon has to offer is through the adorable Pokemon makeup which gets released every so often. Lovisia is a brand which has released cosmetics featuring other video game favourites before such as Kirby, and now they’re back with some brand new Pokemon goods.

They’ve reached into the repertoire of fan favourite Pokemon and plucked out four recognisable faces to adorn the cosmetics packaging.

The new lineup showcases two products, lip cream (780 yen each) and hand cream (800 yen each), all available in Pikachu, Eevee, Psyduck or Mew versions,

All the versions come in pretty and bright packaging, with each Pokemon assigned a colour which carries on from the packaging to the product itself, as seen with the lip creams and their cute swirly colours.

Each hand cream also has an individual scent. Pikachu is pure soap, Eevee is pink bouquet, Psyduck is sweet peony and Mew smells like floral shampoo.

These adorable cosmetics would make a great souvenir from Japan, or a cute gift, especially if the recipient’s Pokemon fave is one of the featured four.

The lip creams will be stocked in Pokemon Centers and Its’demo from the end of August, then from 12th September they will turn up in variety stores and even some branches of Lawson, the convenience store. The hand creams can be found in various variety stores from 12th September. Check out Lovisia for more information and to see the other awesome Pokmeon cosmetics they offer!

By - Jess.