The Pokemon Cafe, which first opened in Tokyo in 2018 and now has another branch in Osaka, has always been on the Pokeball when it comes to amazing desserts based on the franchise’s extensive back-catalogue of creatures.

So much so that last December they opened a new branch that solely focuses on the dissemination of these sweet creations, called ‘Pikachu Sweets’. Located in Ikebukuro, they already have an impressive range of adorable treats which are a danger to both the wallets and waistlines of Japan's Pokemon trainers.

Not only are the sweets on offer incredibly cute, but the Pikachu Sweets stand is take out only, meaning you can host your own Pokemon cafe at home, or anywhere else you want.

They recently released a lineup of super cute summer offerings, and now they’ve added to their repertoire of Pokemon themed desserts with a new cake duo which can be bought alongside their O.G. cupcakes as an adorable assortment.

The new spooky arrivals are a couple of mousse cakes, perfect for the upcoming Halloween season, shaped like Gengar and Litwick.

The ‘Pikachu Sweets Tomodachi Ippai Assortment’ (2600 yen) includes both of these, plus the prexisting mousse cakes modelled on Gulpin and Gloomy.

Or you can choose a set of two cakes, including the Pikachu and Eevee cupcakes, for 1300 yen.

Check out the Pikachu Sweets website for full menu and location!

By - Jess.