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Tokyo restaurant serves up refreshing vegan udon

A noodle restaurant “Men (Noodle) cuisine Asabutei” in Asabu jyuban sho-tengai, Tokyo, started vegan Udon menu.

Since there are many embassies and consulates of 23 different countries in the area, there had already been a high demand for vegan and vegetarian food menus for the area. Even during Covid-19 outbreaks, there were many service inquiries to those nearby restaurants.

The said noodle restaurant services mainly Udon and other noodle menu free of MSG in their homemade broth made with natural ingredients such as; Shitake mushrooms, Kombu seaweed, Bonito and dried fish. Initially, it was a challenge for them to come up with a flavorful broth without using any animal products such as Bonito or Dried fish in ingredients, and yet still stick well with their rather thin and gooey textured noodles. At last, they perfected their “Vegan Udon” dishes not only by relying on a perfectly flavorful broth, but also harmonizing with other ingredients in the dish, creating a whole new symphony of “Umami”.

First, let us introduce the main three vegan Udon menus they’ve got; “Medicinal herbal vegan curry Udon with Miura Veggies (1,180 yen +TAX)” which is based on Medicinal herb vegan curry dish from “Hyakumi Onjiki” from Gojyo, Kyoto, Chinese noodle dish Tan-tan mein inspired- “Soymilk Udon with Soy meat and Miura veggies (1,100 yen + TAX)”, Like salad and filled with cooling flavor “Umami Tappuri Udon with Kujyo Green onion”.

They are also offering a special “Ryomi (cooling/refreshing flavor) Udon” for limited time of 3 months from July till September.

“Sudachi Oroshi (ground daikon radish) Udon” filled with Sudachi citrus flavor, “Kisyunanko plum & Miura daikon radish Udon (950yen +TAX)” for cool off from the intense heat, “Kurozu (Japanese aged rice vinegar) & Miura veggie Udon (1,080yen +TAX)” for summer fatigued body. All three of them are based on the concept and the restaurant’s wish for their customers to eat healthy and thrive through this extreme heat this summer.

Additionally, as a Corona-19 outbreak prevention strategy, the restaurant asks all the patrons to use the hand sanitizer upon arrival. They also have set up Acrylic board for each seat to prevent droplets contaminations, and all staffs will be wearing face-shield. Needless to say, that the safety of their customers comes first and at foremost, so they can feel at ease while enjoying the meals.


Food Business Consultant Inc.

2-6-2 Kawaramachi, m-box Uemachi 2F

Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0048

TEL: 06-4963-2318 Addressed to: Nakagawa


Men Cuisine Asabu-tei

1-9-9 Asabu Jyuban

Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045

TEL: 03-6441-0351 Addressed to: Oguchi

By - Mugi.