The 4 photos of two beloved house cats living with Namiso (@omochi_nam01)are going viral on the internet with 240,000 likes.

As you can see, at first they were playing nicely in front of a little girl working on her drawing, but…

For some reasons, they are all the sudden in a battle mode!

The little girl couldn’t focus on her drawing and ended up mediating the fight.

It was almost as though she had to play a boxing referee. What happened in those mere few minutes from one photo to another, we would never know…

The photos that told story with no captions went viral not only in Japan but also around the world, too.

A total cartoon! Very cat like, too.

A shocking ending! This made me laugh so hard. Seriously, what happened, though!

Why the battle then?! Cheer up both the little girl and the cats!

It must had been such a dilemma for the little girl wanting to focus on drawing and also had to mediate the cat fight. I can only imagine that she must have thought, like a Japanese old saying, “I could use even cat’s help”.

By - Mugi.