The travel business isn't exactly booming at the moment thanks to the social distancing and safety protocol necessary to deal with the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). So as you can imagine, hotels that typically expect to welcome tourist and business travelers face an uphill battle.

Tokyo's Hotel New Shohei is one such hotel, but they're offering a very hospitable and hard-to-beat campaign to revive lodging in their vacant rooms--free lodging and even drinks!

The hotel simply asks guests to fulfill one condition to access a free stay--simply upload photos of your stay and experience to a social media account or blog. That's it!

Located just three minutes from Yotsuya Station with direct access to many popular attractions in Tokyo, Hotel New Shoei has been a popular lodging hub for business travelers and tourists looking for a convenient and comfortable base as they explore Tokyo, but have been struggling with filling their rooms due to the pandemic.

The free stay gives guests access to a free room, but the services that come with a usual stay as well--including free all-you-can-drink coffee and juice, as well as wine and other alcohol in a lounge area. In addition, the first floor has a seafood izakaya (Japanese pub). While it's not mandatory for "free stay" guests to dine at, they're offered a free beer and plate of sashimi if they do.

The hotel emphasizes that because of the original limited amount of rooms and concept as a "dive hotel" where travelers can use it as a quiet hub to relax or focus on computer work, it's at low risk of being a cluster. However, they've taken extra precaution to regularly sterilize rooms, used items and areas, and strengthen ventilation. Lounge spaces have also been partitioned

The free stay campaign is limited to a single use per person, and only applicable on weekdays. The hotel asks that you declare your intention to use the free stay when you make a reservation, and will ask for e-mail contact to clarify where your photos have been uploaded to--there are no restrictions on content or characters used in your post, which can be done so after your stay.

Hotel New Shohei

1-7-9 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004

tel: 03-3357-0551

Hotel HP:

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