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Japanese painter Yoshiyasu Tamura releases fabulous art book ICON-TACT

About Yoshiyasu Tamura

Yoshiyasu Tamura 田村吉康 is a painter, manga artist and illustrator who has made a name for himself around the world. He is known for manga works such as "Fudegami" (Jump Comics, Shueisha) in 2003 and, more recently in 2018, for the art in French manga "Devil's Relics" (Glénat, Fayard) by Gims and Jean-David Morvan. He is also known for his gorgeous art work inspired by Ukiyo-e and Yamato-e traditional Japanese painting styles as well as contemporary Japanese subcultures. For the past decade or so, Tamura has shown his works at exhibitions and fairs both at home and abroad, including the United States, Mexico, France, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. He has also worked with the fashion brand McQ Alexander McQueen for the woman winter collection 2014 and collaborated with Ukranian photographer Marfa Vasilieva on a project combining manga body painting and photography in 2016.

Reproduced with permission from © Yoshiyasu Tamura

His paintings, which combine whimsy and fantasy, portray female forms, sometimes with Japanese features, other times with more Western features, and other times fused with animals, elements from the natural world as well as symbolic inanimate objects and technological artifacts.

You can see some of his works in our previous article here.

ICON-TACT TAMURA Yoshiyasu Painting works

Reproduced with permission from © Yoshiyasu Tamura

If you appreciate Yoshiyasu Tamura's beautiful paintings, then you'll want to pick up your copy of his latest art book, cleverly named "ICON-TACT TAMURA Yoshiyasu Painting works," now available on pre-sale on his BOOTH online store.

Originally scheduled to go on sale in exhibitions held at galleries in Japan and the Netherlands, the novel coronavirus has delayed these plans, so the book will first officially go on sale on Amazon. However, the artist is making it available in advance on BOOTH.

Reproduced with permission from © Yoshiyasu Tamura

Published by the KYAS ART SALON in Amsterdam, this handsome book is A4-size full color and is 104 pages. Within it, you'll find a compilation of his best works of art from 2009-2020. Exquisitely printed through precise execution of color calibration, and bound with the PUR binding method, the result is a volume of superb quality.

You can get an idea of what to expect through this video. (Many of the works included in the book are available for viewing on Tamura's official website here):

The bilingual Japanese / English book also features a word of introduction by the "godfather of manga" Osamu Tezuka's daughter, Rumiko Tezuka (from Tezuka Productions), an opening comment by legendary manga artist Suzue Miuchi, author of the long-running shojo manga "Glass Mask," and final comments by Tadashi Tominaga, writer for the famous Tensei Jingo column in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

For example, here is an excerpt from Suzue Miuichi's comments:

Some years ago, when I first saw Tamura's paintings during the art exhibition in Shinjuku, I felt like manga had changed, like it had gained wings and got liberated. The paintings were sensational and carefree at the same time. I felt like I previously limited myself to only mainstream manga. Now it's like I'm seeing a stream of fresh new possibilities.

Suzue Miuchi, in ICON-TACT TAMURA Yoshiyasu Painting works

The effusive praise with which they describe Tamura's works is a testament to his accomplishments, not to mention an additional indication of the book's value. At 3,600 JPY, it's surely money well-spent.

Tamura is also known for having several well-known muses for his works, and you'll find paintings inspired by a "fabulous cast" (in his words), including model Tsunamayo, Italian cosplayer and model Yuriko Tiger, singer-songwriter Mika Kobayashi, and fashion leader and model miyako, known for establishing the ishoku-hada (other skin) look.


"ICON-TACT TAMURA Yoshiyasu Painting works" is now on sale on BOOTH.

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