There's no mistaking that Japanese Twitter user Keronpas loves frogs. To begin with, the name Keronpas ケロンパス contains "kero" which is the onomatopoeia for a frog (the equivalent of "ribbit" in English). The banner photo and icon photo shows off cute Australian green tree frogs.

And if that isn't proof enough, Keronpas' profile text says: "I'm currently raising Japanese tree frogs, Schlegel's tree frogs, Australian green tree frogs, Pacific horned frogs, Japanese common toads, common rain frogs, and Hermann's tortoises. I feel soothed by the cute expressions and movements of frogs and turtles. I want to show you how cute frogs and turtles can be."

And indeed, looking through the photos and videos on Keronpas' account, it's hard not to be utterly charmed by their cuteness.

Here's Australian green tree frog Pino, for example:

What a cutie. She's the one wearing a pink hat in Keronpas' icon photo, by the way.

The pets all have their own adorable expressions and movements, but when paired with a bit of creativity, just the right props, and a healthy dose of humor from a caring owner like Keronpas, it makes for some magic!

Take a look at this trio of Japanese common toads, for example:

Three toads go into a sushi restaurant

In what looks like it could be an actual scene at a sushi carousel restaurant, we have Oyakata on the left, the big one, heartily feasting on the morsels of food going by (maybe a bit too heartily, as Keronpas admits in the caption), and two smaller toads on the right, just like a couple, sizing up the selections and behaving a bit more meekly. Perhaps they're a bit intimidated by Oyakata's feasting frenzy...

In a follow-up video, Keronpas shows Oyakata again, with the caption: "Today's special is ikura!"

What's truly ingenious about Keronpas' sushi-go-round feeding setup is that it uses frogs' natural instinct to pursue moving prey in the wild, thus encouraging them to feed and providing an adorable and humorous photo opportunity at the same time!

The Tweet with the original video has over 30,000 likes at the time of writing and has elicited numerous comments both in Japanese and English, such as:

  • They're so cute! So soothing!
  • You're a genius!
  • They're eating well. This (feeding) machine is a dream!
  • The frogs get to enjoy tasty food. Humans get to enjoy the sight. It's a win-win siutation!
  • It's so fun! Oyakata, you're eating too much!

Keronpas is a master at using props effectively. Here a few more examples from Twitter:

Oyakata facing off against two young delinquents:

The three Australian tree frogs Pino, Bambù, Prugna (the names are Italian for pine, bamboo, and plum, which are collectively known as shōchikubai 松竹梅 in Japanese, and are considered symbols of happiness), when they're in their bunk bed (on the left) and behaving as though they were still in their bunk bed even when they're not (on the right):

To see more of these adorable pets, follow Keronpas on Twitter here.

By - Ben K.