Famous for her 2008 imitation of Beyoncé, after which she was given the title "the Japanese Beyoncé," Yoshimoto Kogyo comedian and actress Naomi Watanabe started up her own fashion brand Punyus for plus-sized women, and along the way, became Japan's most popular Instagram queen with 9.4 million followers at the time of writing.

And now she's getting her own figurine.

Q-posket Naomi Watanabe

Inspired by the main visual of the "Naomi Watanabe Exhibition: Naomi's Party" held in 2016, this figurine shows off the vibrant star in the unique costume, hair, and makeup that attracted so much attention at the time, expressed in the characteristic design of the Q-posket series.

You'll appreciate the close attention paid to details, from the texture of the cloche skirt and the frills which you can see at its hem, down to the shape of the silver platter.

The figurine is available in two different colors, so collectors and Naomi fans can even get both and display them side by side.

Bandai Spirits' Q-posket line is known for representing characters from anime, games, even Vtubers (Luna Kaguya), as well as characters from superhero (DC, MCU) and fantasy (Harry Potter) Hollywood films, but they have also done more "down-to-earth" people like musician hide from X-Japan (2018-2019) and models Miyū Ikeda and Nicole Fujita (August 2020) in their Tokyo Girls Collection line. However, Naomi Watanabe is the first actress and comedian to appear in a Q-posket. Since it is called Vol. 1, perhaps we'll be seeing more of Naomi Watanabe from Q-posket in the future.

Product Information

  • Name (JP): Q posket-渡辺直美-vol.1
  • Translation: Q posket Naomi Watanabe - vol. 1
  • Height: approx. 10 cm (3.9")
  • Types: 2
  • Avaiability: game centers and amusement facilities
  • Product Page
  • Retailer: Bandai Spirits Co., Ltd.

By - Ben K.