Yokai is the term for demons, sprites, ghosts, and all other supernatural apparitions of Japanese folklore. They can be neutral, malevolent, and sometimes even kind as recently popular anti-pandemic yokai Amabie has reminded us.

Despite their numbers, talented miniature pop-up book artist Mamehon Dollhouse (@mame_lili_lily) has managed to fit an impressive amount inside their beautifully crafted pop-up book titled "The Yokai House."

The level of detail and craftsmanship alone is amazing, but it's truly impressive how @mame_lili_lily is able to fit so many famous Yokai and their personalities into such a small package. Just when you think the book may end, up comes Azuki arai, a red bean washing spirit, as well as Akaname--a mysterious spirit who licks the the grime and filth off bathtubs and bathrooms to encourage children to keep their restrooms clean!

The exterior is just as awesome.

Be sure to follow Mamehon Dollhouse on Twitter and Instagram, as well as check out their online shops on minne and etsy, where they ship hand-made miniature pop-up books.

By - Big Neko.