Fire and ice. The two may be polar opposites but as the saying goes, opposites attract.

Here's a good example. Roll Ice Cream factory is Japan's first and most well-known provider of ice cream in the globally popular rolled ice cream style, known in some parts of the world as fried ice or stir-fried ice cream.

Popular franchise Fire Force is a hot property with a manga exceeding 10 million copies sold worldwide and an anime adaptation now in the middle of its second season.

The two have joined forces on a special limited-time menu and goods that fans are sure to love.

Here's what you can pick up if you visit any one of Roll Ice Cream Factory's six locations until September 24th:

Rolled Ice Cream

Shinra's Strawberry Rolled Ice Cream

Price: 900 JPY + tax

Arthur's Pineapple Rolled Ice Cream

Price: 900 JPY + tax

Benimaru's Matcha Rolled Ice Cream

Price: 900 JPY + tax


Joker's Black Boba Milk

Price: 820 JPY + tax

Shō's Banana Milk Smoothie

Price: 820 JPY + tax

Wan Wan Nyain's Strawberry Boba Milk



To begin with, you'll get one of 12 original coasters (see below) printed with a scene from the anime with every purchase you make. (The coasters will be chosen at random)

Exclusive merchandise

You'll also be able to buy original face masks (M and L) for 1,600 JPY + tax, original stickers for 500 JPY + tax and a mirror button for 700 JPY + tax (see below)

Social Media campaign

Five lucky people will win an exclusive collaboration poster. To participate, simply follow Roll Ice Cream Factory on Twitter or Instagram, then post a picture of one of the collaboration menu items along with the hashtag #炎炎ノロールアイス

Mamoru-kun appointed manager for a day

As a special promotional event, today on September 13th, Wan Wan Nyain (119) mascot Mamoru-kun served as manager-for-a-day at the Harajuku / Omotesando location:

To find out where your closest Roll Ice Cream Factory location is, visit their official website here.

By - Ben K.