Source: PR Times

IKEA Japan serves up plant-based katsu curry

IKEA Japan continues to stock its shelves with plant-based and vegan alternatives to comfort foods. Following up on their plant-based instant ramen, IKEA stores in Japan will be expanding their vegan menu to include plant-based katsu curry.

The curry part of the equation is no problem when it comes to serving up a dish of vegan-friendly katsu curry, but obviously fried pork cutlet isn't the easiest portion to recreate. IKEA Japan seems to have found a suitable replacement, however, making their new soybean and plant-based katsu cutlets a highlight of their vegan menu.

The vegan katsu curry is just one of many offerings of IKEA's new menu, which was made as part of a effort to raise awareness for climate change and healthier diets. It includes based cabbage rolls, kebab flat bread, and veggie cheese dogs.

By - Big Neko.