When it comes to sea creatures, Japan has no qualms with eating just about all of them, from wales to the toilet dwe-, I mean ocean-dwelling, sea cucumbers. A sign recently spotted in a Japanese aquarium however suggests that the tables may be turning and fish are developing a more sophisticated pallet that includes human cuisine.

Whilst visiting the Shikoku Aquarium in Kagawa Prefecture twitter user @zenmou_bike was taken aback by a warning sign near the dolphin tank.

Zen was so surprised by what was written on the sign that he apparently did a double-take:

The sign common in aquariums and zoos across the world requests visitors not to feed the fish.

However, there was something fishy about the image portraying fish food on the sign. In that it wasn’t fishy at all, but rather a picture of udon noodles! You may be wondering: what is a dolphin doing eating those!?

It turns out that sanuki udon is a specialty dish in Kagawa prefecture. The sign suggests that local udon may be so popular with the citizens of the prefecture that they want dolphins to enjoy it too!

Zen’s twitter post attracted a great deal of attention on the internet in Japan. Some comments on the bizarre sign included:

"I laughed! I love this kind of thing" and "The prefecture of udon noodles".

“Something about this sign makes my stomach turn!”

By - Toby M.