In Japan, in recent years, new words have been appearing to describe various genres of harassment, all of them ending with the abbreviated suffix hara ハラ. In addition to the more established ones like sekuhara (sexual harassment) and pawahara (power harassment, in other words, workplace bullying by someone in a position of power), there's kasuhara (customer harassment, in other words, harassment of staff by entitled customers) and sōhara (social media harassment).

Some of the new ones can come across as rather petty. For example, nūhara (noodle harassment) is harassing by noisily slurping noodles. Others represent things that undoubtedly existed before but which were never specifically named. For example, sumehara (smell harassment), either through body odor or perfume.

And now we have sukehara or pochihara, which is something men do when their nipples are visible, either because their clothes are too transparent, (or 透ける sukeru in Japanese), or their nipples poke out (which is described with the mimetic word ポチ pochi, for button).

"Beamless" undershirt

If you are concerned with such matters, there's a product which could interest you.

In a press release for their new "Beamless" brand undershirt, Grand Bleu Co., Ltd. offer their assurances to all potential customers that they'll look dandy, demonstrate that they're "gentlemen of good taste," avoid "embarrassing situations" and "say sayonara to sukehara and pochihara" by wearing one.

Apparently, they heard from men who wanted to know how they could conceal their nipples and from women who felt that something had to be done about visible nipples in men "because it's gross."

In response to these requests, they developed an undergarment which could effectively prevent the problem, which could be worn comfortably and was reasonably priced.


The undergarment has a ribbed area which effectively hides the nipple by creating a flat surface:

Additional compression to reinforce this effect is provided by crossed taping in the back which also supports back muscles:

You can choose between beige or black, or buy both and use them for different situations.

Product Information

  • Name: BEAMLESS
  • Price: 2,980 JPY (incl. tax)
  • S-M Size: H 155 to 175 cm (61 to 69"), chest 80 to 96 cm (31 to 38")
  • M-L Size: H 165 to 185 cm (65 to 73"), chest 96 to 104 cm (38 to 41")
  • L-LL Size: H 175 to 185 cm (69 to 73"), chest 104 to 112 cm (41 to 44")
  • Colors: Black, Beige

If you want to say sayonara to pochiara, you can buy one here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.