Japan’s ever-popular all-you-can-eat sweets buffet chain Sweets Paradise are getting possessed with the spirit of Halloween by adding some seasonally spooky items to their already extensive dessert range.

Sweets Paradise’s simple and affordable concept allows sweet toothed diners to pay just 1100 yen (about $10.50) to chow down on as many delicious and adorable treats as they want for 50 minutes straight. The myriad desserts are laid out buffet-style so it’s easy to pick up whichever ones take your fancy. If you’re willing to pay a bit more, you can even indulge for longer.

It’s not the first time the sugary emporium is getting its spook on for Halloween, but this year’s lineup looks more bountiful and kawaii than ever before.

Some highlights include a ‘pumpkin goblin’ roll cake.

Zombie cupcakes dripping with ‘blood’.

And some Dracula-inspired grape jellies.

Customers who opt for the ‘Fruits Paradise’ corner can also enjoy some sweets monsters and eyeball jellies.

This creepy but cute seasonal takeover will appear at branches of Sweets Paradise from 24th September and will disappear again after the 1st November.

With so many awesome spooky treats on offer this year in Japan, it looks like it’s shaping up to be the cutest Halloween yet! For a list of Sweets Paradise locations, check out their website (Japanese only).

By - Jess.