If you have any dogs, you’ve probably taught them a trick or two. Along with going for walks, riding in the car, or just hanging out together, it’s one of the best way to bond with your pup.

“Paw” is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It seems be firmly established in the canine genome that simply by placing their paw on top of their owner’s offered hand, they’ll be rewarded.

Yumiki’s (@Yumiki_ran) dog Bi-chan, a white Maltese Yorkie mix, interprets the classic trick a bit differently though.

Yumiki shared this video below of her dog’s unique take on “paw” with her followers and has already gotten over a million views.

My dog thinks this is what “paw” means. I wonder why? But this is good enough right?

The Japanese version of “paw” is お手 (oh te). Bi-chan’s paw trick has two parts. Upon hearing “Oh,” he gives Yumiki his paw, but when she says “Te,” he rests his chin on her palm.

It’s also important to note that his gaze remains steadily fixed on a point off camera. Not on Yumiki’s face or hand, but presumably on his imminent reward.

Over 100,000 people liked Bi-chan’s funny trick and many commented about how cute he is and shared images of their own dogs who look just like Bi-chan.,/p>

I wonder if they do the same trick? Perhaps this version of “paw” is unique to this mixed breed.

By - Mujo.