Recently magical girl fans in Japan were treated to the release of a gorgeous compact face powder case inspired by Usagi’s Crystal Star Compact from the iconic anime and manga franchise Sailor Moon.

But now online store Premium Bandai have set their sights on another legendary 90s magical girl series for inspiration, Cardcaptor Sakura. They’ve come up with the ‘Magic Circle Powder Cheek’ to ensure a peachy blush, most befitting of an anime protagonist.

The eye-catching case is modelled on the Clow’s magic circle with a large sun in the middle and a smaller crescent moon at the side of the design. It’s gold plated and set with metallic red and sparkling red gemstones.

The makeup product itself is a pretty marbled mix of pale pink, coral pink and mauve pink with a pearl finish.

Depending on how you mix them together you can make a range of colours to use as blusher or highlighter.

The compact case also comes in a box made in the image of the Clow book as seen in the series, a detail which should delight any makeup-wearing Cardcaptor fan.

You can currently preorder this must-have magical girl accessory from Premium Bandai Japan until 7th October and expect it to shipped out around January next year.

By - Jess.