Japan loves limited time only treats, and the transition from summer to autumn is when you’ll start to see the shelves and menus fill up with fresh new items, flavoured with pumpkin, chestnut, and one of the country’s favourite fall tastes, sweet potato.

Of course, one of the most popular trends from the last few years, bubble tea is no exception to this rule, and we’ve already seen some seasonally appropriate pumpkin offerings at other bubble tea stands.

But boba chain Tapista are going all out this year with sweet potato goodness, offering up two brand new creations for bubble tea fans to fall for, using a surprising range of sweet potato varieties.

The first entry, which is described as the ‘Japanese style’ one, is a smoothie which includes both Annou-imo, a particularly sweet and yellow-fleshed sweet potato, as well as Kogane-sengan, a fluffy, pale cream coloured sweet potato. It also contains sweet potato paste and ‘karinto’, a candied sweet potato snack.

Then for the ‘western’ addition, Tapista have come up with a drinkable ‘milky mont blanc’, made with Annou-imo and Ayamurasaki (a type of purple sweet potato) to make the colourful mont blanc paste.

Both drinks cost 560 yen each, with the option of adding tapioca pearls for 80 yen. A list of Tapista locations can be found on their website.

By - Jess.