More so than all the others, fall is the season for sounds. The crispy crackle of autumn leaves. The crunch of fresh frost while treading through a field. The chink of cups and whistle of espresso machines that accompanies the seasons first hot coffee. This is the seasonal percussion accompanying the most refreshing period of the year.

And this year, fall has a new sound of the season, courtesy of the legendary craft beer craftsmen from SanktGallen’s brewery. It’s the soft, satisfying hiss and rich bubbling of their new apple pie flavored ale being uncapped. This is the sound that proceeds the flow of autumn, in all it’s sensory glory washing across your palate.

Discover more about SanktGallen’s autumn ale below and why it promises to be the beverage of the season.

SanktGallen’s Apple Cinnamon Ale

SanktGallen’s “Apple Cinnamon Ale” blends semi-tart flavors from the baked apples with the warm caramel flavors of amber ale and toasty cinnamon notes. The result is a rich, indulgent beer that delivers all the guilty pleasure of a not too sweet dessert. A few sips of this and just like the best apple pie you won’t be able to stop guzzling it down.

The beer is made using real baked apples which are roasted in an oven in Atsugi, Kanagawa prefecture. Each batch of beer requires 500 baked apples to achieve the signature rustic, crisp flavor.

Every apple is rescued from being tossed in the trash by SanktGallen who utilize unwanted apples from Nagano prefecture that ordinarily wouldn’t be sold due to scratches on their skins. Not only is this beer scrumptious, it also does it’s bit to fight food waste which is a considerable problem in Japan.

This isn't the first time they've pitched in to contribute to society. As we saw earlier this year, they donated proceeds from their excellent Amabie IPA to a fund dedicated to stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus.

In preparation for Halloween, SanktGallen will change the design of the beer’s label, replacing their conventional apple picture with a pumpkin head. Take the hint reader and stock your fridge full of apple pie beers for the Halloween season. Available from September 24th until the end of October.

Where can I quaff apple pie?

For those of you hankering for a taste of autumn, the “Apple Cinnamon Ale” is available in select stores, including Keiyo Department Store in Shinjuku, and the following purveyors of fine ale:

Good Aging Store - Atsugi City

  • Description: This impressive pub contains a bakery and a butcher as well as an ale house. Enjoy fresh breads and freshly prepared meats with 8 types of SanktGallen beer. Prices start at ¥650 per glass.
  • Address:2-7-16 Nakacho, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture Uchida Building 1F
  • Instagram

Good Town Bakehouse- Tokyo, Shibuya-Ku

  • Description: A good ol fashioned American style diner, boasting a superb selection of donuts, muffins, desserts and all day breakfast style main dishes. Not to mention a strong line up of tasty craft beers. Enjoy your apple pie beer with a slice of apple pie!
  • Address:1-30-1 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Instagram

Online store

You can also purchase Apple Cinnamon Ale through their online shop here.

About SanktGallen

SanktGallen is a Japanese brewer credited with breaking open the craft beer market in Japan. Faced with antiquated, anti-competitive laws that forbade local brewing in Japan, SanktGallen originally started their brewing operation in the US in order to import their beers to Japan. In 1997, the brewery relocated to Atsugi in Japan after the local laws changed to allow small scale brewing operation.

SanktGallen has since spearheaded the evolution of craft beer in Japan thanks to its quality brews and penchant for unique flavors. Offering chocolate beers and various beers brewed using fresh fruits including figs, peaches, and pears, SanktGallen is a favorite amongst ale enthusiasts.

The Apple Cinnamon Ale is their latest creation, seeking to evoke one of Fall’s most quintessential desserts. It may still yet turn out to become the PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte, Starbucks definite autumn drink) of the craft beer world. Forget IPA’s, APA’s (Apple Pie Ale) are the drinks to drink this Autumn.

By - Toby M.