Take part in this special mystery tour game around Osaka which is being held to celebrate 50 years since the opening of the Kita-Osaka Express Railway and the 30th anniversary of the Osaka Monorail.

The game allows riders the chance to learn about the history of Osaka’s trains and to rediscover the charm of the railway. Explore parts of the city you never knew about, and discover historical locations dotted around the city.
Game tickets also include coupons that can be used at facilities around the stations on the railway lines, so you can give back to the community you are exploring.

Game Story

One day, I came across an old looking ticket gate amongst the entrance to the railway that I had never seen before. Despite my unfamiliarity with the gate, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to pass through it. Suddenly, I was transported back in time.

As I stood there confused and startled, an unfamiliar train approached and a strange looking woman stepped onto the platform;
“You’ve come through a time-travel ticket gate, right?” she explained, before inviting me to hop onto the train to time travel back home.

The game is a tour-type, puzzle-solving mystery game that both adults and children can enjoy. Travel around on the Kita-Osaka Express and the Osaka Monorail and discover clues to help you solve the game. Completion will take around 6 hours in total.
In the game players “travel back in time” (figuratively speaking of course), and in order to return to the future, they need to follow the clues and solve the mystery.

To take part in the game, head to the any of the following ticket stations,

Kita-Osaka Express Electric Railway:
Senri Chuo Station B1F ticket gate
Midorikoen Station South ticket gate

Osaka Monorail:
Expo Memorial Park Station ticket gate

Game price: 500 yen *train tickets and admission to the Expo Commemoration Park and the EXPO'70 Pavilion are not included and must be bought separately. Show the game card to the reception at the Expo Commemoration Park and the EXPO'70 Pavilion and receive a discount.
Game Dates: October 1st - November 29th 2020 (it is recommended to take part in the game between 10:00am to 4:00pm for the best chance to find all of the clues)

By - Connie Sceaphierde.