Yukari Mitani (@mitsuyuka_lp), a photographer, tweeted photos of a beautiful view widely spread in front of Okayama castle, and people can’t stop talking about them.

Take a look at the photos that define the beauty of Japan.

Countless numbers of “Bankasa”, Japanese paper umbrellas, are all lit up, with the majestic view of Okayama castle in the background.

This was an art work for exhibition with the concept of “blooming flowers of lights in a dreamy flower garden”, which went on untill August 31st, 2020.

These incredibly beautiful photos of colorful Bankasa and the castle certainly left a great impression on many people.

This is really pretty! So incredible!

Never knew there was such a beautiful sight in Okayama.

This is so beautiful it left me speechless. I’m so proud of Okayama.

If you take another look, the beautiful, colorful bankasa also resemble fireworks going up in the sky, don’t they?

By - Mugi.