Disney characters are quite popular in Japan, and they’re often used as inspiration for some of the cutest food items. The classic pair Mickey and Donald were recently transformed into convenience store wagashi, and Japanese confectionery shop Ginza Cozy Corner created mini cakes based on Disney princesses and villains for Halloween.

This same shop is releasing another Disney-themed cake -- a full-sized one this time -- based around Tangled’s bubbly, golden-haired princess, Rapunzel.

The cake is a blueberry-flavored dome cake made out of cream cheese and filled with strawberry jam. The cake is then topped with a cut-out of Rapunzel surrounded by a cascade of lemon-flavored cream icing that represents her signature golden locks. The princess’ mischievous chameleon sidekick, Pascal, even joins her on top of the cake.

Priced at 3,780 yen, the “Rapunzel Dress Cake” can be reserved via Ginza Cozy Corner’s website starting from October 1, 2020. Each cake also comes neatly packaged in its own Tangled box.

By - Jen Laforteza.