The modern J-pop had as base the “pop tune “or “Showa Era pop” also known as Kayokyoku/歌謡曲 in Japanese.

For those not so familiar with its characteristics, Kayokyoku has a catchy rhythm, simple and relatable lyrics, and is a mix of musical scales between Western and Japanese.

One of the most popular artists during this period is Kyu Sakamoto.

He is well-known for its masterpiece song “Ue wo muite arukou”/I look up ask I walk, that was featured in the Studio Ghibli’s animation movie “From Up on Poppy Hill”.

Regardless of the age you have, the songs released during the Showa Period have a nostalgic feel, and even though it is currently Reiwa, many people still love singing them at karaoke.

Here are some of my top favorites that will also be a great choice for your next karaoke night:

“Rainy Blue” by Hideaki Tokunaga

This song is a legend! I believe there are no people, even nowadays, that don’t know Rainy Blue. A song full of emotion, so touching and with such a beautiful sound! If you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out! 

“Omoide ga ippai” by H2O

Omoide ga ippai(Full of Memories) was the first ending of the “Miyuki” series, written by Mitsuru Nadachi, the same manga artist of the popular series “Touch” and “Cross Game”.

It is a touching song and a masterpiece, so I am sure you must have heard it at least once.

“Kanpai”/ “Cheers” by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi"

I always feel encouraged by listening to this wonderful song! It has a nice melody and makes me want to do my best.

“Kimi Ga Iru Dake” by Kome Kome Club

A rough translation of the Japanese song name would be “With just you here”.

As you figured out from the title, it is a song expressing gratitude towards the beloved one.

“Ashita ga Aru Sa” by Kyu Sakamoto

"There is always tomorrow" by Kyu Sakamoto is another splendid song that has become a hit in Japan and is still loved and sung today by many generations.

“Ni Oku Yon Sen Man No Hitomi” /240 Million of Eyes by Hiromi Go

A catchy melody that always gets the audience excited is 240 million eyes by Hiromi Go. The crows will join immediately and sing in unison when this song starts playing.

Which one is your favorite?

By - cinnamonellie.