It finally feels and smells like autumn in Japan, and shops/ restaurants have already switched to this season’s limited-edition products and dishes.

One of the most awaited products this season is the limited-edition beer that comes with cute packages and a more special brew, one deeper than the regular beers.

You can spot the colorful designs of the beers or chuhai/チューハイ drinks (shochu and carbonated water drinks) cans with autumn leaves motifs in all stores and supermarkets since early September despite the still hot and humid weather in Japan.

The beautiful illustration on the cans is my favorite out of all beer designs, and I feel that the small twist of flavor gives the beers a richer flavor, perfect for this season. Here are some of this season's favorites:

Asahi Aki no Utage/アサヒ秋の宴

Asahi Aki no Utage has a roasted flavor and is delicious! For the autumn edition beers, they usually use more malt in making them. I feel that is the reason why the taste is stronger than the usual brew. The malt addition also gives them a roasted flavor and a nice yet, powerful fragrance.

sahi Chu-hi Kajitsu no Shunkan Aki Gentei Yamanashi Kanjuku Pione/アサヒチューハイ果実の瞬間秋限定山梨産完熟ピオーネ

Such a long and intimidating name, I know! A literal translation would be “Asahi Chu-Hi fruit moment autumn limited pione grapes of Yamanashi". Using the pione grapes specific to Japan, the Asahi Chu-Hi brings us a fresh and sweet flavor this season!

Asahi Chu-Hi Kajitsu no Shunkan Aki Gentei Fukushima Wanashi/アサヒチューハイ果実の瞬間秋限定福島産和梨

Same as the above, just that this one is the Fukushima Prefecture's Nashi (Japanese pears) version. It has a sweet aftertaste and a delightful fragrance!

Asahi Beer Official Website

Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage Edition 2020

Scheduled to be on sale from the 13th of October this year, the Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage Edition is well known for the delicious brew and its fresh taste.

Unfortunately, it is limited to Hokkaido Prefecture, but if you are visiting Hokkaido, I recommend trying it out!


Sapporo Beer Official Website

By - cinnamonellie.