Gudetama is the perfect representative character for Japanese public baths. The popular egg character is known for taking it easy, so what better sight for those looking to relax in a spa than the serial chiller himself?

Gokurakuyu (called Raku Spa at some locations) is a chain of public bath facilities in Japan, which has collaborated with the beloved Sanrio character before, creating not only Gudetama themed baths, but also an awesome food menu to reside at their on-location eateries.

This year’s campaign is even more special since it’s a team effort starring another classic character, the decidedly more upbeat Keroppi. Both can be found in their own individual themed baths and various cute menu items including mains and desserts.

The floating Gudetama ‘yolk’ balls in his themed bath are comically numerous and will give super fans an overwhelming sense of being immersed in the character's lethargic charms.

Keroppi’s version is similarly packed with character references to allow bathers to enjoy the frog’s cute features while taking a dip.

Once you’ve bathed to your heart’s content, you’ll probably be a bit peckish for character inspired grub.

Gudetama lends his image particularly well to dishes containing egg yolks such as carbonara.

He can also be found atop a keema curry.

And for dessert how about a Gudetama pudding?

Obviously he’s not one to give up the spotlight because he can also be found in Keroppi’s menu items if you look closely, like his bolognese pasta for example.

Or the vegetable curry.

But they do make an adorable twosome for the sweets duo of a Keroppi matcha roll and Gudetama vanilla ice.

This relaxing collaboration is going on until 15th November, but the baths can be found in different locations on different dates, so please check the information online before you go!

By - Jess.