It's no surprise that when "stay-at-home" and quarantine protocol became an established countermeasure against the spread of a global pandemic, many people sought out new entertainment options. One large benefiter from this, at least in terms of a sales standpoint, was Nintendo, as sales of their Switch console hit a big stride. Switch sales were perhaps boosted by the amount of time-killing a player can do by meticulously personalizing their homebase island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, such as recreating Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away scene for scene.

But it's not a given that everyone who picked up their first Switch is a long-time gamer, and outside of not being familiar with the console, may have put it down for an expended period of time now that some of the initial appeal has worn off and some are beginning to cautious enjoy outdoor life.

Perhaps sensing this, Nintendo’s Customer Support Twitter account decided to offer up a helpful reminder for those who haven't touched their Switch in a while, posting the following:

"If the battery inside your console isn't charged or used for a long time, it may become unable to be charged. Please charge your system once every six months."

While it's a given for seasoned gamers and those who have owned multiple systems, the Tweet has been met with responses in many languages expressing both gratitude and surprise, largely from those not familiar with this sort of design function, who now know why their Switch hasn't been so responsive or that they need to use it more regularly.

It may not be as heartwarming, but the helpful reminder falls in line with Nintendo's history of positive customer service, such as sending a 95-year-old grandma a brand new Gameboy and letter when her original broke.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.