You can always count on Japanese convenience stores for some interesting instant and hot food treats. With sweet custard pudding sandwiches, fried sweet corn and chicken sticks, and even Final Fantasy Moogle Meat Buns, there seems to be a scratch for every hunger itch.

Those in search of a quick meat and potato hit may now have theirs, as 7-11 Japan has released a microwavable bag of a seasoned steak and fry meal, and its getting some favorable reviews on Twitter.

7-11 officially translates the 50 second microwavable meal as "Beef hanging tender, potatoes, garlic, soy sauce, and radish" in English. The simple mix of diced hanger steak, potatoes, and seasoning isn't exactly a giant dinner, but it's being praised on Twitter for its 350 yen price as a more-than-enough drinking snack, as well as surprising quality (as a greasy meat fix, that is). Some are even fancying it with their own ingredients.

Trying some for ourselves, we can recommend it as a hearty and meaty snack for late night runs or to mix in with something else you've got at home.

Source: © grape Japan

By - grape Japan editorial staff.