Based in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, Yagumo Dango has been making dango dumplings for nearly half a century. A staple of the neighborhood sweets shop, a dango at its simplest is a ball of glutinous mochiko rice flour and, depending on their size, are usually served in three to five lined up on a bamboo skewer. They can also include other ingredients to change their flavor and color. They can be grilled, basted with sweet sauces, and feature toppings like bean paste, and many other things.

At Yagumo Dango, they come in an astonishing variety. Regular, big and giant sized dango, tricolored hana dango, green mugwort dango, yellow millet dango, healthy whole-grain rice dango, mitarashi dango topped with a sweet and salty sauce, and more toppings ranging from soy sauce and nori seaweed, shaved bonito flakes, kinako roasted soy flour, walnut and syrup, black sesame and even cheese.

They also make a chocolate-coated dango called Choco Manto. These come in seasonal varieties to please kids young and old.

For example, in summer, they make watermelon dango colored red, flavored with real watermelon juice and studded with black sesame seeds then coated in green and brown chocolate:

And for Halloween, they have another crowd-pleaser which is returning this year:

"Cursed Mummy" Dango

Featuring just the right mix of cute and scary for Halloween, these "Cursed Mummy" Dango have been particularly popular.

First coated in dark chocolate, then white chcolate to simulate mummy bandages, they come with a packet of concentrated strawberry "blood" sauce on the side. Each one is hand made.

With those two red beady eyes staring out from the darkness, you may want to stare too long or you might fall under the mummy's curse...

You can use the strawberry "blood" sauce to decorate your mummy in all the spooky ways you want.

Another surprise awaits for you inside when you'll find pitch black dango colored with bamboo charcoal.

Product Information

  • Name (JP): チョコマントハロウィンセット 呪いのミイラ6本セット
  • Name (EN): Choco Manto Halloween Set: Cursed Mummy Set of Six
  • Price: 1,500 JPY + tax
  • Storing and serving: Freeze for up to a month, defrost in refrigerator for 2.5 hours to serve and eat within two days once defrosted.
  • Order online at the Yagumo Dango official website

By - Ben K.