It’s finally here!

If you’ve been following our English translations or Matsumoto’s Twitter account (@hidekiccan), then you probably know what I’m talking about.

Manga artist Hidekichi Matsumoto has been updating her Twitter with weekly episodes of her latest series 犬と猫とどっちも飼ってると毎日たのしい (With a Cat and Dog, Every Day is Fun). The manga follows her happy-go-lucky dog and always gloomy cat.

First Episode of "With a Cat and Dog, Every Day is Fun" Available on YouTube Now

Matsumoto tweeted this picture on October 1st.

You can see she really captured the essence of her pets. I mean look at that cat’s scowl!

Matsumoto casually announced that her manga has finally been released as a short anime, available to watch for free on YouTube! Check out the first episode below.

The episode starts with Hidekichi opening a bag of chips, only for her dog to come running, hopeful for a bite.

Hidekichi reflects on how she’s never given her dog any people food, surprised her pup hasn’t given up. When she suddenly realizes her dog’s perspective is quite different...

Rather than thinking,

She’s never given me any food so maybe I should give up…

Her dog is thinking,

This may be the first day that she’ll finally give me something!

Hidekichi tears up at how sweet her dog is, but then...

We get our first glimpse of Hidekichi’s cat, sitting in a dark corner, eyes glowing frightfully.

Spitting insults at Hidekichi, the cat lays out a plan to steal the chips once they’ve all gone to sleep.

From Manga to Anime

True the original manga by Hidekichi Matsumoto, the anime version brings all the usual characters to life.

Kana Hanazawa, featured in both Your Name (Kimi no Na wa) and The Garden of Words (Kotonoha no Niwa), voices Hidekichi’s dog Inu-kun, faithfully recreating the bubbly and lovable canine.

Hidekichi’s cat, Neko-sama, is performed by Tomokazu Sugita, best known for his role as Gintaki in Gintama. He perfectly expresses the cat’s deep contempt for his owner and canine companion.

And the manga artist herself is voiced by Mai Kanazawa, a voice actor from Saitama featured in TV anime series like Idol Time PriPara and Tada Never Falls in Love.

Check out the official website below for more information about new episodes or to get your hands on Matsumoto’s manga in Japanese.

Moreover, the first volume of the English version was published by Vertical Comics on September 1st, with a second volume on its way on December 15th, 2020.

By - Mujo.