As the season brings longer and chillier nights, it’s tempting to simply spend the evening vegging out in our pyjamas. That’s exactly what the cute characters of BT21 are doing in the autumn 2020 revamp of their themed cafe. The concept is ‘Glee Free Time’ and features a chilled-out, nightwear-clad vibe to complement this.

The unmistakable BT21 gang are a product of messaging app LINE and K-pop boyband BTS, and this is the 7th iteration of their super popular themed cafes in Japan. Unlike many themed cafes, the BT21 eateries allow customers to choose the food and character combination they want as part of a set menu, so you won't be caught out if you're a Cooky stan who hates lasagna for example.

Firstly, visitors can choose the main from short pasta, lasagna, paella or pizza. After selecting a soup (minestrone, mushroom cream, onion soup au gratin or clam chowder), you can choose your favourite character mug for the soup to be served in.

The dessert option also involves these cute character mugs, by choosing which cake and mug collaboration you want (mont blanc, chocolate cake, shortcake, or cheesecake), served with fruit and ice cream on the side.

The characters also come in drink form with ice cream floats decorated with their features, or character glass drinks.

And exclusive to the take out menu is a BT21 blueberry milk. This tasty concoction is served in an adorable BT21 themed bottle.

Those who book ahead will receive an original card at random adorned with an adorable illustration of one of the characters, and the each drink order comes with a cute coaster.

There’s plenty of other awesome merchandise to get your hands on too, from small trinkets like badges and keychains, to stationery and bags.

The pop-up cafes will be appearing in three major Japanese cities.

Omotesando Box cafe&space (Tokyo): 17th October - 23rd November 2020

Tower Records Cafe Umeda NU Chayamachi (Osaka): 17th October - 27th November 2020

Tower Records Cafe Nagoya Sakae Skyle (Nagoya): 17th October - 27th November 2020

Check out the website for full menu with prices and to reserve a table!

By - Jess.