Sometimes you just want to dive headlong into junk food territory and just let loose, reveling in an indulgent moment where calories are the furthest thing from your mind and you just want comfort and taste. Well, maybe not all of us, but for those who do have moments like those, there's a potato chip for you in Japan

Calbee's new butter, cheese and mayonnaise flavored chips (yes, you read that right) may be a triple threat to your waistline but they are intended to bring together three favorite flavors to satisfy the junkiest of cravings.

As the design on the package boldly announces in Japanese, this is a "final boss-level" ラストボス級 "extremely junky" ジャンクすぎる potato chip which has the "three white temptations" 三つの白い誘惑 of butter, cheese and mayonnaise.

Good luck!

You can pick up your bag of temptation and challenge yourself to defeat this junkfood "final boss" by heading to your nearest participating Family Mart convenience store and shelling out 158 JPY from October 12th, 2020.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.