This October, Matsuzakaya Ueno’s ‘Ginza Seigetsudo’, is holding a special event dedicated to pandas.
With a menu featuring cute panda inspired gourmet, displays of panda photography, books full of all things panda, panda decorated tables and of course, the additional ‘must-have’ panda plushie, the ‘Daily Panda CAFE’ is an irresistible stop-by for panda fans.

This year, the cafe includes two new additions to their sweet menu. As well as the cafe’s popular ‘Azuki and Warabimochi Panda Parfait’ and ‘Panda pancake-style dorayaki’, the menu features a special ‘Apple pie and coffee set’ and ‘Panda namagashi and matcha set’.

Apple Pie and Coffee set

A tasty apple pie that crumbles in the mouth, accompanied by a bowl of ‘panda ice cream’ and a mug of hot coffee.

Price: 1,210 yen

Panda Namagashi and Matcha set

Bursting with autumn flavours, this panda namagashi is washed down with a tea bowl full of refreshing matcha. Limited to only 4 in total each day, this dish is a rare treat worth getting your hands on.

Price: 1,100 yen

Photo Exhibit

Returning to the cafe for the 6th time, the focus of this October’s Panda Photo Exhibition is to thank Ueno Zoo’s resident panda, Xiang Xiang, for her incredible ability to win over the hearts of thousands.
The selection features some of the cutest pictures of Xiang Xiang, who was born at the zoo in June of 2017. Her adorable playfulness and mischievous demeanor, has led to a great number of fans of the young cub.

“Is it a toy or an umbrella?”

“This is my favourite tree.”

“Milk! Milk!”

“Playtime is over, come down for dinner.”

Be one of the first 100 visitors to the cafe each day, and receive a special ‘Daily Panda CAFE original postcard’. The postcards available will be changed 3 times in total over the month, the first will be distributed from the 1st - 10th October, the second from the 11th - 20th October, and the third postcard will be released from the 21st to the end of the month. Visit the cafe throughout the month to collect all three limited edition postcards!

The images provided for the panda exhibition and as limited edition postcards are produced by panda fan, Takahiro Takashi, who is better known by the nickname ‘Mr. Pandauji’.
Takashi earned his nickname after he began visiting Ueno Zoo on a daily basis in 2011. Takashi was captivated by the simplicity of the zoo’s resident pandas Lee Lee and Shin Shin, and purchased an annual zoo pass. As the zoo was on his way to and from work, he started to visit on a daily basis and began the photo blog ‘Daily Panda’.
Takashi continues to update his photo blog every day, showcasing a roll of imagery that shows Xiang Xiang’s progression and growth into adulthood.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.