You can always count on TENGA, Japan's leading masturbatory goods brand, for some creative marketing. Just in recent years, TENGA has released their first-ever masturbatory aid vending machines, a curry shop, and even a dumbbell cup so you can get your pump on while you pleasure yourself.

Now TENGA is releasing a spicy and crispy snack inspired by HOT TENGA, their heated masturbation cup.

The release comes way of a collaboration with Big Katsu, a popular Japanese snack made to resemble a slice of tonkatsu, but is actually made of shredded fish surimi. The new "Hot Big Katsu HOT TENGA Flavor" is inspired by HOT TENGA, a "steam powered" heated pleasure cup designed to warm up its user during the winter.

The HOT TENGA Big Katsu has a spiciness that TENGA describes as "adult and dangerous", and any customer who buys a HOT TENGA during its available period will be gifted the spicy snack as a free throw-in.

By - Big Neko.