There's definitely a market for cat paw-shaped items in Japan. Whether it be bubbly 3D cat paw drinking glasses, cat paw socks that make it easier to walk on hardwood floors, or even cat paw-scented moisturizer, there seems to be many a feline fan looking to recreate the squishy texture of cat toe beans in whatever they buy.

Now cat paw designs are overtaking one of Japan's simplest ways to stay warm in the colder seaons--kairo, or self-heating pocket-warming bags. Japanese company SouSia is now running what may be a successful crowdfunding campaign with cat lovers as they're planning to release these new bubbly cat paw model electric pocket warmers--that they recommend rubbing on your face to simulate a warm kitty pawing at you.

The cat paw electric pocket warmers replicate the texture of a cat's paws, and come in white and black models. From the moment you switch them on, they take five seconds to begin heating.

They are separated into two paws by a 75cm cable.

Tapping the heat up button once will set it to 45 degrees Celsius, while taping it twice will raise it to 55 degrees.

At full power they can provide warmth for up to five hours.

It can be charged via a mobile battery or any device such as a phone with a USB cable.

The cat paw pocket-warmers will officially start accepting donations to their Campfire Crowdfunding page starting October 17th. You can check out the official page for price plans as well as return rewards.

By - Big Neko.