Located in the Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura is one of the most popular cities to visit in Japan due to its variety of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.

I believe that one of the most famous attractions is the 11.4 m high Great Buddha of the Kotoku-in Temple, built-in 1252, which is also the symbol of the historical Kamakura.

Known not only for its historical monuments but also for its beaches and good food, Kamakura is probably one of the most visited places in Japan and is also quite easy to access if you are coming from Tokyo.

Even though there are many traditional restaurants you can choose from and Japan is usually a paradise when it comes to good food, those who have restricted diets or are either gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan, might have a hard time finding something suitable during their trips.

Therefore, in this article I will be introducing you three amazing recommendations of vegan-friendly restaurants in Kamakura in the hope it will be easier for you to find something suitable for lunch if you are visiting the area:

Magokoro Café & Bar

Magokoro Café & Bar not only has a beautiful seaside view but also offers delicious and affordable vegan dishes and has a very nice and cozy ambiance.

Their hemp pancakes and hand drip coffee are one of my favorites to eat while enjoying the sea breeze and a relaxing atmosphere by the Kamakura Beach.

Food is available only until 4-5 pm and afterward, the place runs as a bar which is again, quite interesting, and you can also enjoy a nice glass of wine or any other alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage until midnight when the bar closes.

It is one of my favorite places to have either breakfast, lunch or just a tasty cup of coffee, it is affordable and the staff is also English friendly, so in my eyes, it is one of the top places to go when visiting Kamakura.

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Shokudo Pace

Another cozy place where you can find a vegan menu is the Shokudo Pace and what makes it even better is that the restaurant is also plastic-free!

There are so many healthy dishes, vegan and organic food and they even have smoothies!

The atmosphere of the restaurant is nice and I love sitting next to the garden and enjoying a cup of coffee with my vegan food while looking at the surroundings or reading a good book.

I love the traditional vibe of this place as it is an old Japanese house and I feel that everyone is so welcoming and warm, so it gives a home-like feeling, therefore I can take my time and relax.

I usually make a reservation in advance, so I advise you to also do so before going, so you make sure there are available seats.

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As you might’ve noticed, I am quite a coffee addict and 24sekki is one of the places a coffee lover like I am wouldn’t miss.

It is a café, but also a vegan bakery, so nothing sounded more appealing to me than fresh vegan bread and a delicious coffee with it for breakfast.

They also offer lunch sets and the café is opened from 11 am -4.30 pm (Friday to Sunday). The last order in 2:30 pm so makes sure you get inside before that time so you can order.

I love going there in the mornings, then head outside to explore the beautiful Kamakura.

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Here are my top three vegan restaurants recommendations in Kamakura and if you have any others that you’ve been to or you have already been to any of these three, I would like to hear your recommendations and thoughts.

There is also an application called “HappyCow Vegan Food Near You” (iOS / Android), which shows you more vegan restaurant options, so if you are coming to Japan, I recommend downloading it because, as the name says, it shows you the vegan places nearby(reviews and photos included).

By - cinnamonellie.