When it comes to delicious Japanese snacks and sweets, Fall is a misnomer, as the season brings with it a discernible rise in all kinds of autumn themed goodies. Haagen Dazs sweet potato ice cream pots, The Alley’s Pumpkin Milk bubble tea and Krispy Kreme’s Halloween themed doughnuts are just a few of the seasonal treats that are rustling up our appetites this year like the smell of a freshly baked pumpkin pie. The latest release that has our taste buds in raptures is the limited edition Fall release of the “Pretty Style” Apple Pie & Custard flavored Black Thunder!

Available in convenience stores across Japan since October 5th, Black Thunder’s Fall offering fuses the popular Japanese chocolate cookie with authentic custard apple pie flavors. The result is autumn flavored cookie bites that deliver a fully fledged apple pie experience .

The biscuit bites taste just like apple pie thanks to plenty of cinnamon flavors and real chunks of dried apple. The autumn spice is balanced by sweet, creamy custard flavors that compliment the chocolate coating. Crispy layers of feuillantine, thin and crispy pieces of baked crepe, give the cookies a crunchy texture like pie crust. Every time you pop one of them in your mouth you can experience the flavor of autumn and savor the taste of apple pie.

The cherry on the cake - or pie, is the packaging of the Pretty Style Apple Pie and Custard flavored Black Thunder. Pictures of cross sections of an apple and apple pie are set against a rustic red background and will fill you full of Fall feelings before you even take a bite of the cookies inside.

This Black Thunder is only available during the Autumn season so we recommend getting your fill before these delicious snacks fall off convenience stall shelves for another year.

By - Toby M.