As any Evangelion fan will tell you, the most famous real-world location with a connection to the seminal anime franchise is Hakone, the setting for Tokyo-3. It's almost impossible to take a walk through the main street without noticing something Evangelion-related.

However, Japanese illustrator Ninomae Hajime (@ninohajim) has made a startling discovery which may encourage fans to turn their attention—if only for a moment—away from Hakone, and southwestwards towards Chiba Prefecture.

Look carefully at this map...

Do you see anything in the contours of Chiba Prefecture?

As it turns out, Chiba Prefecture's outline bears a startling similarity to Eva Unit-01.

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Reactions to this discovery came in quickly as the Tweet went viral, garnering 44,000 likes and 10,000 retweets at the time of writing. For example:

  • "How perceptive. Wonderful!"
  • "From Chiba-kun [Chiba's dog-shaped mascot vaguely shaped like the prefecture] to Chibeva-kun. A certain railway company should set up a collaboration."
  • "Tokyo-3 was in Chiba Prefecture?"
  • "So, I live in Eva Unit-01's neck?"

Maybe more Eva-dence is yet to be discovered in the map of Japan...or even your country.

Note: The similarity between Chiba Prefecture and Unit-01 in no way reflects any official admission by Khara, Inc. and is merely coincidental.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.