Japanese cosmetics brand Shu Uemura’s holiday collections have become something to look forwards to in recent years, especially for make-up wearing fans of anime and video games.

The brand’s high end make-up undergoes an awesome transformation every winter, with the help of some of Japan’s most loved characters. In 2017, there was a Super Mario collaboration, and last year Pokemon enthusiasts were the ones treated to an electrifying Pikachu lineup.

But this year’s collection will transport you to the open seas with characters and motifs from long-running, pirate themed anime and manga One Piece. The glittering packaging and makeup products are inspired by sea, sun and treasure, to reflect the storyline and worldview of the iconic series.

The collection will be released in two parts, with some extra items being exclusive to the online shop’s preorder period.

The first release will go on sale on 1st November. There’s ‘Wanted Treasure Box’ eye shadow palettes (8500 yen) available in two colour options, ‘Grand Line’ and ‘Thousand Sunny’. Whether you’re hunting for gold or silver, these palettes have glittering shades in abundance to mimic underwater treasure.

Even Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil (11,500 yen/4600 yen) has been given a One Piece inspired reboot thanks to a character design bottle.

There’s also a wide range of lipstick colours (3300 yen) ranging from matte to glossy finishes and encompassing pinks, corals and even dark purple.

Each one is named after a signature attack from the series and the gorgeous blue and gold packaging features various characters.

The second drop will take place on 15th November and includes even more exciting cosmetics.

Wannabe pirates can cop the ‘Fearless Crew’ highlighter (5000 yen) in two colours, a pearly gold or peachy hue. The packaging stars two feisty ladies of One Piece, Nami and Robin.

The ‘Fearless Crew Premium Brush Set’ (6500 yen) comes in a case with the blue and gold colour scheme and a design bursting with various beloved characters.

The full lineup can be found on Shu Uemura’s Japanese website, and will also be launching in various other countries.

By - Jess.