Omatcha Salon is a matcha specialty shop that creates an assortment of traditional Japanese sweets using a certain type of tea called “uji matcha” -- named after the Kyoto region where it’s specially produced.

This month, they released new fall menu items with Japanese chestnuts as the central ingredient. One item in particular is almost like a painting made out of food, evoking a tranquil scene at a humble Japanese zen garden that’s also still edible.

The zen garden scene is “painted” using mont blanc cream and uji matcha, and topped with Japanese chestnut slices, warabimochi & fresh fruit to complete the picture. Omatcha Salon’s edible garden is called “Autumn Zen Plate” and is priced at 2,350 yen.

Another traditional Japanese item that found its way to their menu is the wooden vessel that you might still see being used to drink sake, the masu (升). Typically made out of Japanese cypress, this wooden box evolved from being used to measure rice as a form of currency in olden times to now being one way to drink alcohol in modern day Japan.

For Omatcha Salon’s menu, they used the masu as a way to serve some of their sweets, such as this even smaller version of a zen garden made out of pancake and cream (priced at 780 yen), and a mont blanc cake topped with a chestnut (priced at 880 yen).

You can find out more about Omatcha Salon and their other menu items through their website.

By - Jen Laforteza.