Donburi, or rice bowls, can be considered one of the top quick and fulfilling comfort foods when in a rush for lunch. While typically topped with beef, pickled ginger, and additional preferred toppings, in recent years some donburi restaurants have been offering up heavier and junkier options, including cornflake-topped chicken katsu bowls and meaty udon chicken katsu bowls.

Japanese donburi chain Sutadonya hasn't really needed to make many changes in their menu, as they specialize in "Stamina donburi", rice bowls that use a hefty amount of garlic and soy sauce and are often finished with some heavy-duty toppings.

However, for a limited time, Sutadonya will be bringing back their popular "Binge Eating Stamina Rush"--which serves up stamina rice bowls topped heavily with sauce and fried chicken. The company describes the bowls as "rice terrorism".

All four bowls contain a big serving of egg, pork, and karaage fried chicken, slathered in a garlic sauce. Depending on which you order, extra toppings include a garlic-infused tartar sauce, garlic butter sauce, spicy sauce, or teriyaki and mayo.

The monstrous rice bowls will but available at Sutadonya throughout Japan starting October 27th.

By - Big Neko.