Even with appealing novelty items like cup noodle pet beds and miniature feline kotatsu, cats aren't known for being totally cooperative with the gifts you get them.

But it's very unlikely a cat is going to reject the necessity of a litter box, so small furniture and goods designer SmartRuck has come up with a two-door litter box, for cats who like to constantly jump and crawl through spaces or simply want the luxury of a sunroof while they do their business.

The litter box is designed "for cats who love to dive and climb", with a standard entrance but also an openable top (adjustable to size), that cats to jump in and out of if their the type that can't stop exploring. As you can see, it makes for some some interesting scenes when entering and leaving.

Despite the top opening, the box contains filters to prevent odor spreading and the removable top makes cleaning easy. SunRuck sells the playful litter box at their official website, Yahoo store, and Rakuten store for 4,980 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.