iXima is a Japanese illustrator whose artwork has been used for official Vocaloid packaging. They’re also known for creating an image of Hatsune Miku chilling in her computer room, which has been used as the basis for an entire Miku-themed PC parts collection.

This time, the same retailer that released the Hatsune Miku PC line, Tsukumo, is working in collaboration with iXima again to release an accompanying face mask for the Vocaloid’s fans.

The mask matches the bright color of Miku’s hair, and has a cute illustration done by iXima on the side. Priced at 990 yen, the mask is washable and its packaging comes with a zipper so it can function as a pouch to keep the mask in when not being used.

You can get the masks at any Tsukumo branch in Japan, or through their online store. Currently, the masks are sold out at the online store, but there are still plans to restock them at a future time.

By - Jen Laforteza.