It may take some searching, but there might be a capsule toy version of almost anything in Japan. Just when you think all options have been exhausted after kawaii rainbow poops, Cthulian watermelon-squid monsters, and the types of public drunks you meet in Japan figures, capsule toy maker Tama-kyu surprises you with a new release.

This time it's an adorable series we never knew we wanted--blushing shy animals covering their eyes to hide from the world!

The "Terechatta Animals" (Embarrassed Animals) line up of capsule toys from Tama-kyu features six adorable blushing animals covering their eyes and red cheeks in embarrassment.


Polar Bear




The adorably embarrassed animal figures are on sale at capsule vending machines throughout Japan as of October 26th for 300 yen a try.

By - Big Neko.