For fans of Japanese film and TV dramas, actress and singer Kyoko Fukada, or "Fukakyon" for short, should be a familiar face. The talented and beautiful actress is currently starring in the second season of Fuji TV's "Daughter of Lupin," a love comedy between the daughter of a family of thieves and the son of a family of police officers.

Her admirers should appreciate the latest issue of Flash magazine in which she graces the cover.

Original cover photo and 16-page feature on Kyoko Fukada

Here is the same photo without all the text cluttering it up:

In addition to this shot showing her in a pink tank top and flashing a winning smile, the 16-page feature has four other outfits, including loungewear, pyjamas and a glossy black dress.

It's hard to believe she will be turning 38 on November 2nd. True to the title of the feature: "The evolution of beauty," the gorgeous photos by Kazutaka Nakamura capture Kyoko Fukada as she continues to be "cute and progressive." The feature also has an interview in which she reveals health and beauty tips as well as her thoughts on managing stress.

Her most recent photo book "BRAND NEW ME" (Shueisha) has been very successful.

For the latest information, check out her official Instagram account (@kyokofukada_official).

Her latest post shows off her 2021 Calendar, which you can buy here.

Masshiro na Canvas founding member Azusa Onodera

Also appearing in this issue is Azusa Onodera 小野寺梓, founding member of the idol group 真っ白なキャンバス Masshiro na Canvas (pure white canvas).

The concept for this gravure shoot was "a girl who pursued her dream of becoming an idol and decided to move to Tokyo from the countryside." It was a concept which was tailor-made for the Akita Prefecture native.

"I've loved idols since I was little, and I dreamed of becoming one. I admired Momoko Tsugunaga (former member of Berryz Kobo and Buono!). My parents opposed it at first, but at that time I was a shut-in, and if it was a way for me to leave the house, they allowed me to go to Tokyo and become an idol." Onodera is featured in a pure white bikini, true to her group's name.

On November 18th (Wednesday) at Zepp Diver City Tokyo, Masshiro na Canvas will have a concert called 「君と生きる」kimi to ikiru (living with you) to commemorate their 3rd anniversary. You can see their schedule and find out more about the group on their official home page.

She also made her solo debut from King Records in March of this year. Here is the music video for her first single 「くるくる愛して」 kuru kuru aishite (love me round and round):

For the latest information, follow Azusa Onodera on Twitter (@azusa_shirokyan) or on Instagram.

Magazine information

  • Name: FLASH, Issue #1580
  • Date of Publication: October 27th, 2020
  • Issue date: November 10th and 17th (double issue)
  • Buy at

By - grape Japan editorial staff.