Rilakkuma, a portmanteau of the English word ‘relax’, and the Japanese word ‘kuma’, meaning bear, is known for taking it easy. This cute, fuzzy guy is probably the most recognisable of San-X’s many hit characters.

In 2019, the laid back bear and his equally calm gang of friends starred in their first ever stop motion animation series called ‘Rilakkuma and Kaoru’ on Netflix, which gained plenty of fans overseas as well as in Japan.

Now a brand new series has been announced for release called ‘Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure’ (Rilakkuma to Yuuenchi), which will bring the whole crew together again, including Rilakkuma’s human companion Kaoru, as well as Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori. The eight episodes will revolve around the foursome’s trip to an amusement park which will be closing soon, and the various adventures and characters they find there.

This animation seems to be following the charming, no-stress vibe of Rilakkuma’s first Netflix series, which is perfectly on brand for the bear’s adorable and chilled-out image. An exact release date is yet unknown, so if you just can't wait to get your cute fix, you can rewatch Rilakkuma and Kaoru, while checking out these super cute Rilakkuma cooking goods!

By - Jess.