Rilakkuma, probably San-X’s most well known character creation, is a chilled-out bear who loves nothing more than taking it easy. The character is so popular that he often can be found recreated in food, such as traditional Japanese sweets, or even in many cases, he has a whole menu dedicated to him.

A new event has been announced in Osaka which will open from the end of this month, inspired by the Rilakkuma Book Fair, which is currently taking place in various book stores around Japan. Dubbed the Rilakkuma Book Cafe, it’s the perfect place to grab some sweets and light bites while discussing your favourite recent reads.

There’s full-on afternoon tea sets featuring the cutest Rilakkuma themed desserts and sandwiches. The first option (4000 yen plus tax) has thirteen items including sweets, savoury sides and unlimited drinks. Among the adorable and colourful desserts are plenty of Rilakkuma and his friends playing around.

The second set encompasses twelve items (4000 yen plus tax). The tiny stack of pancakes with a tiny cube of butter are particularly charming, as is the shiny apple cake.

But if you couldn’t possibly eat a whole afternoon tea set, there’s also a Rilakkuma Honey Apple Smoothie (800 yen plus tax).

Or the Rilakkuma Royal Chocolat Milk Tea (1200 yen plus tax) which comes with adorable bear-shaped chocolates to nibble on.

Reservations for the afternoon tea sets must be made at least two days in advance via phone or the website, and grants guests a 90 minute slot to enjoy their adorable Rilakkuma treats. The cafe will be taking place from 30th October to 30th November at Season and Co in Umeda, Osaka.

By - Jess.