Japan’s Moomin Cafe has no shortage of adorable eats to satisfy any fan of the rotund Finnish trolls. The cafe has already gone viral several times as the place where they give lone customers a giant Moomin plushy to sit with so they won't be lonely.

Their latest offerings centre around a globally popular concept. Pancakes. As part of the cafe's 'Pancake Fair', various characters from the beloved series have been reimagined as adorable and tasty pancakes.

After the Moomin Cafe’s revamp to focus on Scandinavian inspired food, one of the pancakes appearing as part of the fair is a 'Nordic style' mixed berry pancake (1200 yen).

The next offering features Little My’s instantly recognisable hairstyle and red dress, cleverly made out of strawberries. This special, berry sauce slathered souffle pancake has a custard cream centre (1500 yen).

If you’re favourite character is Snufkin he can be found lurking in a chocolate forest atop a custard cream-filled soufflé pancake (1400 yen).

An odd-looking character from the Moomin world which can often be found at the Moomin Cafe is the Hattifattener. This long friend’s looming form has been recreated to decorate the soufflé pancake (2000 yen).

The Moomin shop is also running their own event giving you the chance to swipe Moomin pancake mix flour as well as various adorable character plates and mugs, perfect for your very own Moomin pancake fair.

These Moomin inspired treats are currently available at all Moomin Cafe branches in Japan. Location list can be found on their official website.

By - Jess.