Fall is a season for mushrooms, so you see them in a lot of dishes.

King Oyster mushrooms (Eringi in Japanese) in particular have this nice crunchy texture, and is popular for many reasons; they're inexpensive, easily found in any supermarket, and are versatile in many different recipes.

The best way to cook King Oyster Mushrooms

A culinary specialist, Ryuji (@ore825) posted a King Oyster mushroom recipe that he highly recommends, “Seriously, the most tasty and delicious recipe!” as quoted, and people cannot stop talking about it!

First, split the mushroom by hands in the middle, place a thinly sliced butter in between.

Place the mushrooms inside foil, and roast it in the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

The point here is to not close the foil at the top, leaving it uncovered as shown in the photo so that it evaporates the excess water in the mushrooms, allowing the flavor to concentrate.

Take it out of the oven when it’s lightly brown, squeeze some fresh lemon juice, sprinkle some salt, and voila!

So easy!

According to Ryuji, “The Umami of the mushroom and the buttery flavor creates an exquisite harmony in flavor”. The simple recipe was met with a lot of praise on Twitter.

This is the best combination ever; King Oyster and Butter. I’m definitely going to give this a try!

If you fry them in a pan, all the water comes out and makes it less flavorful. I see now how I can avoid that and enjoy the full flavor.

This is such a dangerous Otsumami menu (A tapas menu particularly to go with alcohol)…! I’ve gotta go get King Oyster mushrooms now!

It is guaranteed to be heavenly when you bite into this king oyster fresh out of the oven!

Why not give this recipe a try for tonight’s dinner?

By - Mugi.