The Seiko Museum is a popular spot to visit in Japan and is operated by no other than Seiko, the worldwide known watch manufacturer.

In celebration of the 160th anniversary of its founder, Kintaro Hattori, the museum has relocated to Ginza, Seiko’s place of origin, in August this year.

You can also participate in many workshops with your family and find out the fascinating history of the watches and how they evolved until the present day.

What I find most interesting is the Japanese traditional clocks (the wadokei / 和時計) that are always a delight to watch.

The museum is large, and it consists of 6 areas:

  • Extreme Times (B1)
  • The Beginnings of Time on the 1st floor
  • Always one step ahead of the rest on the 2nd floor
  • From time indicated by nature to human-made time on the 3rd floor
  • Precise Seiko Time on the 4th floor
  • A variety of times on the 5th floor

All floors have a lot of interesting exhibits and captivating history, many details to take in, but my most favorite area is the “From time indicated by nature to human-made time” on the 3rd floor of the building.

As I said, I find wadokei fascinating, and on the 3rd floor, you can see how these timepieces evolved during the time and have a closer look at the traditional Japanese clocks.

I find them so unique, and reading about the seasonal time system of the Edo Jidai (Edo Period), seeing the actual machines always blows my mind. It is so interesting therefore I recommend taking the time to read the details and admire the exhibits there.

There is so much history behind, and you need time to take everything in, but I assure you that you are going to love every piece of information and all the displays available in the museum.

You will also discover color prints, books’ collections, and the museum also runs special web exhibitions, so make sure to check it out.

For those unable to visit the museum, you’ll be glad to find out that they also offer a 360 °Virtual experience to explore the Seiko Museum in Ginza from your home and see little bits of it even if you are not in Japan.

You can check it out here and also read more about the many unique timepieces available on display on their Official Website.


By - cinnamonellie.